BIG Write adventures

As part of our English lessons, Year Three are beginning Big Write sessions each week. This is an opportunity for the pupils to write for an extended length of time and let their creative ideas flow. This week the children wrote about Zoya, a girl who has secretly hatched a dragon’s egg and is now on a mission to keep the baby dragon safe.  Where will she go? Who will she meet along the way? Can she keep the dragon safe from harm?

Sport Challanges

This week Oak Class faced two demanding team sport challenges with CM Sports. The first part of their challenge involved running circuits of the field for 20 minutes which was really exhausting but all the children persevered and kept going. Every lap scored a point for their team and some teams showed great determination. The second part of the team challenge was a mini-basketball tournament. Each team played a game against all of the other coloured teams. Competition was very fierce and pupils applied all of the skills they had learned the previous term. Great work Oak class.

Topic Homework 18.4.18

This week’s Topic homework involves looking at images of Liss village and comparing these. We hope you enjoy discussing these at home.

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Petersfield Trip

Oak Class recently enjoyed an exciting trip to Petersfield as part of our geography topic. The class have investigated local travel links to nearby settlements so on Tuesday 13th March we took the train to our local town. Once there the pupils surveyed how the land was used in the town centre – commercial, residential, leisure or industrial. We also made some field sketches of the buildings in this area noticing if they were older buildings or had been built more recently. The pupils made some excellent observations about the town and we will be able to use these over the next few weeks as we complete our topic in class.

Liss Village Trip

Last week Oak class undertook some Geography fieldwork in the village centre. Pupils had the opportunity to visit the River Rother and identify key features that we had been learning about in class. We spotted meanders, tributaries, a flood plan and a waterfall during our time at the river. The class then moved onto the centre of the village to survey the different amenities of offer within Liss village. The pupils were really surprised by the number of shops and services they had access to in the village



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