The week of oak

This week in English we have been reading a book called Tuesday. In the book there is no words there is only pictures. This story is kind of weird because there are flying frogs on ginormous lily pads. On Tuesday we did our plans for a big right up of a report that we would do on Friday. On Wednesday we wrote up are plans into full sentences so on Thursday we can edit it. On Friday we wrote it out simple paragraphs on a fake news report.

In topic this week we have been learning about the history of Liss.We were discussing what type of clothes they would wear and what type of transport like carriages and horses 100 or more years ago. In the pictures that we have been learning from there is lots and lots of chimneys then nowadays be causing they didn’t have heating so they used to fires.

In maths this week we have been learning multiplication and division in word problems.Today on Friday we learned to the bus stop method to help us with the word problems. Bus stop method is useful for multiplication but slightly trickier for division. Remember that maths helps your brain grow big and everybody gets tired after they work.

ICT we are learning how to use Education city correctly and we are getting set it every week Because it helps you with your maths and English. Our games that we have been set are tables rock stars and education city city to help are brain get big. Sometimes you can’t so that is what Education city is for

‘Tuesday’ the best day by Oliver

We’ve been learning about the book with no words ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. We read the book too and in the book called ‘Tuesday’ at the start there’s a toad sleeping with some frogs then he wakes up and jumps to the top lily pad and waves good bye to the frogs. then there was some other toads at the top to on their own lily pads and suddenly the lily pads started flying. We’ve been learning about inference inference is where you tell people about whats going on or what happened or what will happen.

We haven’t just been learning been learning about the book called ‘Tuesday,’ we’ve been learning about Uganda. In Uganda there’s lots of animals animal but this one terrible thing about Uganda if you want to work at a farm you some times have to leave your family and make one at the farm if you are a child.

The Stars of Oak

This week, Oak have been super busy with their learning.

Our BLP superstar is Rhylee for his amazing use of reflectiveness to help solve his maths problems. The rockstar of the week is Amy for making the most rocking progress on her times tables and the golden leaves go to Josh and Emily C for their amazing attitude to their learning. Last but not least is Oak’s very own star of the week, Oliver, for his kindness and helpfulness towards his peers. Well done!

Stars of Oak

On an exciting yet tiring week back at school, everyone has absolutely worked their socks off!

A big congratulations to the winners of the BLP certificate and golden leaf, Maya and Oliver, both for showing amazing BLPs on the return to school.

A rocking applause goes to our rock hero, Bonnie fore making the most progress in her TTRS. Keep rocking! And a shining star to Oak’s Star of the Week, Amelie, for being kind and helpful to everyone, as well as showing super resilience.

Commando Joe: Ernest Shakleton

This week Oak Class have been learning about Ernest Shakleton in Commando Joe and my favourite bit about it was when we had to list what we would take to Antartica if we were him. My special items were a teddy, a pillow and a blanket. The bit where you had to think hard is if that item was invented by 1908. If you were him what would your special item be? The coldest temprature on earth was recorded in Antartica at 89dergrees farenhight! Ernest had 20 or so crew members with him on this extraordinary adventure. A buiscet of his given to a starving member of his crew, didn’t get finished so it got selled for $2000!!! His ship got stuck in ice, so he and his crew had to escape it. Ernest died with a heart attack on his ship. If you were him would you go on that huge, freezing adventure?

In art we used chalk and made birds-eye-veiw pictures of Antartica, some looked like a raging storm had flew over them! Others had calm seas with Ernests’ ship at destination. On everybody’s pictures they looked different, that is the main thing of art, so we all succeeded. The landscaping is what we were learning about, so we did the sky first, then the sea, and last but not least we did the boat, fish and iceburg. Then we cleaned all of the tables, it was fun wiping and wiping.

Blog by Amy!!!

Shooting Stars of Oak

Wow, what a fantastic term we have had! I am so impressed with all your resilience, reciprocity, respect and resourcefulness you have shown so you are all stars!

A rocking congratulations goes to our rock star, Milena, for making a rocking amount of progress on her times tables. Keep rocking n rolling!

A huge congrats to our Star of the Week, Josh, for always trying his best at everything whilst being kind and caring to all!

We also have three new pen licences for this week! Well done to Bonnie-May, Nicole and Emily K!

Last but not least, a massive congratulations to Bianca for consistently showing resilience this term!

Making Felt Purses

Written by Bonnie-May and Amy

Last Thursday we made felt and then we had made felt purses, we used nylon netting, a small slimy bar of soap and a cup of warm water. Firstly,we carefully take out the wisps and lay them horizontally, after lay them vertically. Now, put the nylon netting on top of the wisps. Add the soapy water onto it. Then take the of the nylon netting sheet off .Now roll it in bubble wrap,and fold the sides of the wool.Finally roll the merino wool.


1First, get your needle and thread with an adults permission and choose what stitch you want to do. Then thread your needle and tie a double knot. Start stitching the sides and put a stick on it put string around the stick and fasten it.

Stone Age Boy🧒

This week, Bonnie-May is our blogger in Oak class.

B This week we have been learning about Stone Age Boy. It is about a boy who falls -[ down a hole into the stone age .He meets a girl called Om. They we57[-3nt into a cave and saw a whopping bear and we don’t know the rest yet so then we wrote a story map about what happened and it was very fun! But we had to make our own ending to the story and I wrote that the boy fell down the hole again and Om yelled “come over here” but he could hear. Then Om fell down the hole and om stayed there forever being like brother and sister! Living with the boy and his mum the end.

and have the best CHRISTMAS and a happy new year !! see you in 2021🎄🎄🎄🎄

By Bonnie-May

Stars of Oak

Our rockin’ superstar this week is George! We also need to give a rock n roll round of applause to last week’s superstar, Oliver! Keep rockin’ guys.

Oak’s Star of the Week this week is…. Amelie for her continued resilience towards her work, even when she finds it a little bit tricky.

Well done everyone!

An Ice-y Week in Oak

Our bloggers of the week are Star and Emily.

This week, we have been reading ‘Ice Cat’ and looking at the different feelings of Tom. This morning, we wrote a diary by Tom about how Tom felt when he destroyed his ice cat and Gary’s snow man which is on page 48. We also got to draw a picture of the ice cat using language that is in the book.

Here is Emily’s diary entry:

Dear Diary, This morning I stomped into Gary’s garden and attacked Gary’s snowman. I felt angry so I pushed, kicked and punched Gary’s snowman. Suddenly, mum woke up and looked outside the window where she saw me destroy Gary’s snowman. i went back to my snow cat then I jumped on it and stomped on it. After I ran inside teh house like a hurricane when she saw me.

Stars and Rock Stars

A huge congratulations to BOTH of our stars of the week, Louie and Ruby, who have been voted as our stars for their amazing hard work and for always showing the 4 R’s.

Aaaaannnnnddddd a rocking congratulations to our rock star this week, Amelie, who has been rocking and rolling through her times tables! Well done!

Oak’s Wonderful Week

Oak have had an extraordinary week! We have been super busy learning about instructional writing, 3D shapes, Maiden Castle and all about bones!

In English, we are starting to write our instructions on how to make felt for our DT project. We have been reading ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ to help us understand all about instructions. On Tuesday, we had to write some instructions about buttering bread, although we had to make sure that we were REALLY specific.

In Science, we have been learning all about vertebrates (animals with spines) and invertebrates (animals without spines), as well as the difference between endoskeletons (animals with bones on the inside of their body), exoskeletons (animals with bones on the outside of their body) and hydrostatic skeletons (those with NO skeletons). We then got to find out all about the bones in the human body and then got to make our own!

In Maths, we have been learning about the different properties of shapes. We then got to find out all about the properties of 3D shapes by making them!

In History, we have been super busy learning how to use artifacts to understand the time! We helped the curious curator to match the labels to the artifacts then wrote our ideas about the ones that were missing. We then helped to solve the mystery of what happened at Maiden’s Castle by looking at evidence that has been found there.

Maya’s Most Interesting Woolly Week

This week, Maya is our blogger and has written all about her favourite part of the week.

We started a new topic in English this week and we read a book called How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth and we are already writing about How to Make Felt.We are doing a step-by-step guide about how to make flat felt and we learned that imperative verbs have the same meaning as bossy verbs but they are more of grown up words. We learnt about rhetorical questions and they are questions that don’t need answers and adverbs can tell you when, where or how a verb is doing something.

This Week’s Stars of Oak

A rocking congratulations to our TTRS super hero, Louie for the most progress from last week! Rock on, Louie, and keep practicing rockers!!

Also, a sparkling congratulations to Faith, our star of the week, for her generosity and kindness towards all of her classmates and always showing reciprocity.

WOW! We also have got our first pen licence of the year! Well done to Lina for her resilience towards her handwriting which has paid off!

Georgia’s ‘line-y’ Week

This week in Year 3, we have started to explore different types of lines and angles. We have had a lot of fun finding these in Kandinsky’s art, as well as an investigation today where we had to find ALL the right angles in a picture. Georgia is this week’s blogger and is excited to tell you all about it:

In Maths we have been learning about lines.They were called parallel lines, vertical and horizontal lines and finally perpendicular lines. Parallel lines are two lines that goes up but never touch because they are always equally apart, vertical lines is one line that goes up a bit like parallel lines accept from it is one line, and perpendicular lines are two lines that meet at a 90 degree right angle, and last is the horizontal line is a line goes across like a vertical line but the the way.

Star of the Week and Times Tables Rock Star

A grrrrrrrreat big round of rock ‘n’ roll applause to our rock star of the week, Star! Keep rocking and keep on showing resilience to make the most rocking-est improvement!

And our Star of the Week goes to…. Oak’s birthday girl, Bonnie-May for showing resilience towards her work and working her socks off all week, even when she goes into the learning pit!

Youth Climate Week in Oak

This week, Rhylee is Oak’s class blogger! Check out his favourite part of our week:

On Thursday, in Science, we learned all about saving the animals in the ocean because people are putting rubbish in the ocean. People are putting plastic like crisp packets, plastic bags, bottle caps and tissues in the ocean and it is making the animals suffocate. Instead people need to pick up their rubbish and recycle it only if it can be recycled. We also learned about how long plastic takes to decompose.

Here is the short animation, ‘A Whale’s Tale’:

Similarly, if you would like anymore information or ideas on how to help, please watch these videos:

An Amazing Week in Oak

This week we have started some fantastic new topics in our learning. We have started reading a new book, ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ by by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey, which is all about Ben and Ray who are best friends and go to war when they grow up.

We are exploring how they may have been feeling during different stages of their life whilst developing our vocabulary, making sure to use step-up words. We have also been using drama so that we can re-enact different scenes in the story, as well as understanding how the characters are felling.

In maths, we have started learning about fractions, focusing on understanding and finding tenths. We have also been starting to explore fraction walls and how we can use our tables facts to help us. For example, to find one eighth, we can half 1 whole (one half), half one half (one quarter) and then half one quarter (one eighth).

In RHE, we have started to learn about first aid and how to keep our self safe whilst being a first-aider. We know that the most important thing is to keep ourselves safe by making sure there is an adult around who we know and trust, what hazards to look out for and what to do if we don’t feel safe. Josh was able to remember how to put someone in the recovery position which he was taught at beavers and gave us all a demonstration.

Today, we competed in the year 3 inter-colour competition. We played several matches of football, practicing the skills that CM Sports have taught us last half term. Bianca kindly was our photographer.

Scientists, athletes and authors…

Welcome to The Good Plant Guide… where Oak have been learning all about… PLANTS!

We started our investigation four weeks ago into what a plant needs to grow. We had a control, one with no light, one with no air and one with no water. After four weeks, we found that the one with no water didn’t grow at all but the one with no air grew the most! We had a discussion about this and discovered that the glass cover the cress with no air acted as a green house, keeping all the warm air and moisture inside.

We then presented our Good Plant Guides in our groups; a programme about how to look after plants, using our experiment to inform us.

We’ve been learning all about the life cycle of plants, focussing on how new plants are made through pollination and fertalisation.

We got to learn about all the different parts of a flower and what each part does!

We have also been practicing our running skills this half term in PE and showed excellent resilience when we had to keep running and running, even though we were exhausted. We all showed reciprocity by working with our team and cheering everybody else on.

Similarly, we’ve been showing lots of resilience in our English by showing off all of our incredible knowledge that we’ve been learning so far. We wrote a fantastic story about a dragon which Emily has described in her blog of the week. Here is Faith’s story, using past tense, 1st person, adverbs and fronted adverbials, exciting language and speech.

Emily’s Week in Oak

This week, Oak’s blogger is Emily M.

On Monday we were all very excited to make our Christmas cards.We have stated to write a short story using pictures. The fist picture was of thunder and lightening and rain pouring down. We have been learning how to say the days of the week in French.In maths we have continued to practice our time tables and division. We are all looking forward to the half term break with our families.

Josh’s week in Oak

This week, our blogger is Josh.

We went to Buster Ancient farm and it was really fun. We got to make jewellery form copper which was a bracelet or a ring. After we got to make a wooden fence in partners of two with thin flexible wood. We also got to go into a round house that had a wooden box bed and a deer skin rug on the floor. It had a fire pit in the middle with a cooking pot above it. The house was made from wattle and daub and a straw roof. We also did an archaeological dig and found flint, cow jaws and animal bones. We did chalk carving with flint and dyed it with different types of leaves so it turned green but with my leaf it went a shaded green. We carved patterns in to it with flint and I made a cross pattern. I learnt that little boxes in the houses that we saw in a picture in class was actually their beds and they liked to sleep sitting up! We got to see what a stone age toilet looked like and they had to dig a hole for the toilet in the ground. I had a really good day and my favourite part was probably making the jewellery.

Louie’s (last) week in Oak

Last week, Louie was our blog author.

Last week, a magnificent baby dragon hatched in Oak’s class cupboard. Mr Haycock had found the eggs on the roof and he gave them to year 3. It hatched in the middle of English and we got to ask questions about the dragon. I asked questions like, “where is his family?” and “do you have brothers and sisters?” Everyone in Oak took a picture with the dragon but we couldn’t stand too close otherwise it might bite us! We got to write a newspaper report about it for everyone in Liss! We also got to write it up on the computers.

The week in Oak

This week, we have been extremely busy in Oak.We have had a fantastic trip to Butser Ancient Farm, transferred our cave painting design onto clay and even written a newspaper report about a dragon we found last week!

Keep reading to find out all about our amazing week...

Back in Time at Butser

Yesterday, Oak travelled back in time when they enjoyed a fantastic day out at Butser Ancient Farm. The day started with a visit to a replica Stone age building and we then had the chance to visit buildings from the Bronze and Iron ages. All of the buildings have been built using the materials and tools that would have been available to people thousands of years ago, including animal poo in the mud wall coverings! Oak class tried their hands at archaeology, chalk carving, wattle fence making and Bronze Age jewellery making.

Bonnie-May had such a fantastic day that she went home and wrote all about it:

“Yesterday we went to Butser Ancient Farm. We looked at a long house. On the walls there was animal poo, mud, clay and very bendy sticks in the middle with a straw top roof. Then we went to a house with wooden beds and for the cover, it has animal skin. There was meat hanging down from the roof and there was a little table and sofa. Last of all a metal pot on top of the fire. Then we did chalk carving and we used leaves and flint and it was very fun. We also did jewellery making with copper metal. You could make great big ones if you had enough metal.”

Faith also had her very own home learning Butser experience, creating art with outside resources, soap carving and even wattling with sticks and leaves.

Cave Art

We have been learning all about the wonderful cave paintings in Lascaux in art and have designed our own using different resources that were available to the Stone Age people. Today, we used tracing paper to trace our design, then we had to pat down the clay and transfer our final design using a sharp pencil to trace over it onto our own clay. They will be going into the kiln on Monday after they have dried, ready for us to paint next week.

Dragony English

Did you know that year 3 found a baby dragon! Well, we thought this was so incredible that we had to write an article about it. Louie has also written a blog about it for last weeks blog (posted today), so don’t forget to check that out. Have a look at the list below and have a look at how fantastic Oak’s work is!

Announced… Our Class Councilor

The votes are in and Oak has chosen their class councilor! Congratulations to our Eco Councilor, Faith, and to our School Councilor, Amy.

Well done to everyone who participated and wrote and presented their incredible speeches. You all showed excellent resilience in writing and presenting and showed respect towards yourself and others.

Our Week Told By Amelie

This week we have started a new book in English and our blog author of the week, Amelie, has been excited to write about it.

In English we are learning about a book called ‘How to Train your Dragon’ by Crassida Cowell.The characters are Hiccup, Toothless, Hookfang, Fishlegs and Gobber .We’ve had some pictures about ‘How to Train your Dragon’ story and we have been describing what’s in the picture. We then wrote it up in our books in best and used better words. We have also been reading the book. We’ve started to watch a bit of the film today!

By Amelie

Faith’s Dragon Poem

Faith is this week’s blog author and has decided to write about a poem we studied and wrote in English.

In English we have been learning about a poem called Lost and Found by Lilian Moore. We read the poem in a book called Dragon Poems by John Foster and Korky Paul. We have wrote our own ones inspired by the poem. The best thing about writing your own is that you can put really exciting adjectives in it. Before we did the real thing we had to think of some exciting language and then we had to write a rough plan. When we had to write it up in neat we had special dragon paper to write it on.

Faith’s ‘Lost and Found’ poem:

A supreme, loving pet
Rather mammoth-sized with amber, orange eyes
May be famished and thirsty
Please feed him 12 rabbits an hour.
P.S. Reward.

A horrifying, fierce dragon who stinks out the WHOLE house with his bin like breath
He would EAT ME if I let him!
Please move him back to your house.
P.S No reward necessary.

‘The Magic Finger’ by Amy

This week, Amy is writing about our week in Oak.

In shared reading we have been learning about this book called the magic finger, this book has characters of a girl, and “The Gregg family”. The girl has a magic finger and she hates hunting, so she decided to put the spell on them. The Gregg family had switched lives with 4 ducks!!! They turned small and grew wings instead of hands and also started flying around the room. They got very confused about what had happened to them. It was actually the girl who did it. It didn’t just happen to the grown ups, even to Philip and William, the whole family! In the end they learned their lesson to not shoot and eat birds.

Happy Monday

Hello Oak Class. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the little bit of sun we had.

The next pack is available on Teams. I would love you to share any of your work on there which you can do through the paperclip symbol or the picture symbol. If you would like me to see anything straight away or to contact me on here, please press the @ symbol and write my name (otherwise I won’t be notified).

There will also be no maths videos going forward but if you need some help, BBC Bitesize is great! If you are in the learning pit then let me know and I will do my best to help as soon as I can.

I will also be doing calls on a Friday morning, so if you haven’t already booked then you can do so. I have a few more slots available if you want to have a chat.

Have a fantastic week and I am looking forward to seeing all of your amazing work. Miss Wilson x

Outstanding Oak

Good afternoon Oak Class,

I hope you have had a fantastic few weeks! Myself and Mrs Newman are missing you and are loving seeing all your work and home learning.

It’s sad news that we might not be coming back to year 3 but remember that Mrs Myers is doing all that she can and working hard so that, when we do come back, everyone is safe and happy.

Our classroom has temporarily turned into ‘Penguins’ for the emergency care bubble and it has been so lovely to see some of you in school. Having a new bubble has been lots of fun but it is very tiring and doesn’t leave me much time to blog or to call you all. I have booked in some time on a Friday morning so that I can talk to you and I am looking forward to hearing all the amazing things you have been up to.

Let’s see what you’ve all been up to…

Ben has written a lovely ‘The Door’ poem using fantastic vocabulary.

Harley has written a fantastic ‘The Door’ poem too, which uses imaginative expanded noun phrases. He has also been practicing his measuring for maths and baked scones which tasted lovely (even though his daddy got the recipe wrong!)

Isabella has also been practicing her maths skills and baked a rainbow loaf and sugar-free flapjacks, as well as working really hard on her time telling. Isabella has been busy planting potatoes and a courgette plant.

Louis has been enjoying writing his ‘The Door’ poem and particularly liked using a thesaurus to improve his words which we can see in his work. He has also been enjoying learning about parts of the body and colours in French, the healthy eating exercises and the Roman invasion and baths, especially. He has also made a fantastic Powerpoint about how to stay safe.

Mollie has been super busy this week week with her learning and wrote an amazing story about a spaceman and his spacedog.

Molly has written a fantastic ‘The Door’ poem using exciting and adventurous expanded noun phrases.

Wren has been busy enjoying the sun with her mum and has really loved learning about homophones. Check out her fantastic sentences!

Well done to our past two (oops!) Times Tables Rock Stars rocker superstar who have been working hard on their times tables.



And a huge congratulations to this weeks rock star…


Here is you weekend challenge: list 5 things that you are looking forward to.

Thankyou to Isla for her kitten names, she is now nearly 6 weeks old so I can share some pictures with you when she gets a little older!

Have a fab weekend Oak, Miss Wilson x

Maths video for the week!

Apologies for the delay in the videos this week, Miss Duncan and Miss Wilson are back at school! It is very strange without you all back together but we are thinking of those of you who are not at school. Here is the video for the maths tasks this week – you are all superstars at measure!

Miss W and Miss D x

Outstanding Oak

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and are having a fabulous start to your half term. I’m sorry that I haven’t been very active over the past week, I had a really bad allergic reaction and so I was a little bit poorly but we shall continue on as normal.

Well done for all your hard work over the last week. I am super impressed and I am glad that you are enjoying your learning. So, lets take a little look at our outstanding work.

Wren has been busy collecting data for her charts and used a heart as a picture for the pictogram as well as writing a fantastic Rescue from the Storm story. She has also had a riverside picnic in Meonstoke and some hugged some amazing trees in Buriton woods.

Faith has been gardening and recycling and is going to see if she can get carrots to grow in the way that her mummy saw on the internet. She has recycled the washing tablet tub and cut a cherry tomato in half to plant and she has also planted the seeds from her apples and strawberry tops. Faith is very excited to see if she can grow these plants.

Charlie has thoroughly enjoyed the book from last week, ‘The Train to Impossible Places,’ and he has even asked his daddy to buy the book. He is looking forward to finding out whether his predictions and inferences about the book were accurate.

Isabella has been showing her resilience and editing skills when writing and then re-drafting her ‘The Door’ poem by checking her spelling, grammar and improving her work. She has also been enjoying her maths work and her French, working super hard by being resourceful. Isabella has also been busy writing a story and enjoying sitting in her favourite place: her tree.

Ned has been especially enjoying his English and is he is very impressed with his ‘I will Put in my Box’ poem where he has been resilient with his creative writing. He has also now adopted a new plant as his one from Mrs. Newman had a little accident with a kicked ball.

Eli has written an incredible ‘The Door’ poem and has been working super hard on his handwriting.

Please remember that this is your half term so there is no set work apart from Education City and TTRS. If you are wanting something to do, have a little look at the 30 day challenges I posted a week or so back.

Well done to last week’s rockstar whose time per question has improved by over a second!


Don’t forget to check out teams to see Mrs. Newman’s videos, she is also missing you loads and is enjoying seeing all your amazing work.

Also, some exciting news from me, I’m getting a kitten at the end of July! She’s a silver spotted British Shorthair and is so cute. Caan you help me with some names?

Have an amazing week and don’t forget to check out the challenges. Miss Wilson x