Magical Monday

Good morning Oak Class. I hope you had a lovely long weekend and celebrated VE Day safety. Here are some pictures of Mrs Newman celebrating.

Tilly also celebrated by sewing her own bunting and made a delicious looking cake!

I know this weekend has brought very windy weather and further uncertainty so our Monday (motivation) challenge is going to be based around Growth Mindset which is all about learning from our mistakes and being resilient. So, I would like you to think about:

  • What is your favourite mistake?
  • Have you ever shown Growth Mindset over something that was tricky?
  • How can you change your thinking today about something that has gone wrong to something that you can learn from?

I hope you are ready for some amazing learning and proudly showing the 4 R’s. Have a fab week Oak Class and I can’t wait to see all of your spectacular work. Miss Wilson x

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