Outstanding Oak

Good afternoon Oak Class,

What a busy week you’ve all had! I’m so impressed with all your learning and activities you’ve been getting up to. I’ve loved seeing your pictures and your engagement with the daily challenges. I have also seen that you have been super busy on your TTRS and EducationCity so well done to you all and give yourselves a big pat on the back.

A few little updates from me: you may have heard about Teams, I will be setting up our class one this weekend and will let you know on Monday what the plans are. Also, I will be beginning to upload handwriting lessons for you from next week. Remember that you have an amazing opportunity to perfect your handwriting ready for when we come back… and ready for your Pen Award!!

So, lets see what amazing learning you’ve been up to…

Isla has written her story about the storm, using amazing descriptive language, paragraphs and past tense.

Eli has been busy exploring his environment by gathering leaves and recording these on his tally chart to use for his graphs.

Tilly has written a beautiful Magic Box poem using fantastic vocabulary, alliteration, similes and expanded noun phrases. She also has recorded a video of her reading it.

Isabella has been busy this week participating in the 30 day reading challenge, reading The Cat in the Hat (a book that has been made into a movie) and has read it to her doggy, Aria. She has also sausage pop overs from her cookery book which were delicious. Isabella died her hair for VE Day and has also been helping cut her daddy’s hair with the clippers! She has also written an amazing Magic Box using exciting vocabulary and using her computing skills to type it up.

Mollie has been super busy finding leaves for her tally chart to use for her graphs and used her data to write some questions!

Seb has also been super busy with his maths and has enjoyed creating charts using the data he has collected about leaves that he found in his garden. He has also made this incredible London city out of Lego.

Charlie has been super busy with his work too this week. He has created a fantastic timeline, ordering the dates outside. He has also written a lovely Magic Box poem using exciting vocabulary and alliteration. He has made a video reading it as well.

And a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our rock star of the week…


Well done to you all, how amazing are Oak Class! Have an amazing weekend and look forward to hearing you on Monday. Miss W x

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