Outstanding Oak

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and are having a fabulous start to your half term. I’m sorry that I haven’t been very active over the past week, I had a really bad allergic reaction and so I was a little bit poorly but we shall continue on as normal.

Well done for all your hard work over the last week. I am super impressed and I am glad that you are enjoying your learning. So, lets take a little look at our outstanding work.

Wren has been busy collecting data for her charts and used a heart as a picture for the pictogram as well as writing a fantastic Rescue from the Storm story. She has also had a riverside picnic in Meonstoke and some hugged some amazing trees in Buriton woods.

Faith has been gardening and recycling and is going to see if she can get carrots to grow in the way that her mummy saw on the internet. She has recycled the washing tablet tub and cut a cherry tomato in half to plant and she has also planted the seeds from her apples and strawberry tops. Faith is very excited to see if she can grow these plants.

Charlie has thoroughly enjoyed the book from last week, ‘The Train to Impossible Places,’ and he has even asked his daddy to buy the book. He is looking forward to finding out whether his predictions and inferences about the book were accurate.

Isabella has been showing her resilience and editing skills when writing and then re-drafting her ‘The Door’ poem by checking her spelling, grammar and improving her work. She has also been enjoying her maths work and her French, working super hard by being resourceful. Isabella has also been busy writing a story and enjoying sitting in her favourite place: her tree.

Ned has been especially enjoying his English and is he is very impressed with his ‘I will Put in my Box’ poem where he has been resilient with his creative writing. He has also now adopted a new plant as his one from Mrs. Newman had a little accident with a kicked ball.

Eli has written an incredible ‘The Door’ poem and has been working super hard on his handwriting.

Please remember that this is your half term so there is no set work apart from Education City and TTRS. If you are wanting something to do, have a little look at the 30 day challenges I posted a week or so back.

Well done to last week’s rockstar whose time per question has improved by over a second!


Don’t forget to check out teams to see Mrs. Newman’s videos, she is also missing you loads and is enjoying seeing all your amazing work.

Also, some exciting news from me, I’m getting a kitten at the end of July! She’s a silver spotted British Shorthair and is so cute. Caan you help me with some names?

Have an amazing week and don’t forget to check out the challenges. Miss Wilson x

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