Outstanding Oak

Good afternoon Oak Class,

I hope you have had a fantastic few weeks! Myself and Mrs Newman are missing you and are loving seeing all your work and home learning.

It’s sad news that we might not be coming back to year 3 but remember that Mrs Myers is doing all that she can and working hard so that, when we do come back, everyone is safe and happy.

Our classroom has temporarily turned into ‘Penguins’ for the emergency care bubble and it has been so lovely to see some of you in school. Having a new bubble has been lots of fun but it is very tiring and doesn’t leave me much time to blog or to call you all. I have booked in some time on a Friday morning so that I can talk to you and I am looking forward to hearing all the amazing things you have been up to.

Let’s see what you’ve all been up to…

Ben has written a lovely ‘The Door’ poem using fantastic vocabulary.

Harley has written a fantastic ‘The Door’ poem too, which uses imaginative expanded noun phrases. He has also been practicing his measuring for maths and baked scones which tasted lovely (even though his daddy got the recipe wrong!)

Isabella has also been practicing her maths skills and baked a rainbow loaf and sugar-free flapjacks, as well as working really hard on her time telling. Isabella has been busy planting potatoes and a courgette plant.

Louis has been enjoying writing his ‘The Door’ poem and particularly liked using a thesaurus to improve his words which we can see in his work. He has also been enjoying learning about parts of the body and colours in French, the healthy eating exercises and the Roman invasion and baths, especially. He has also made a fantastic Powerpoint about how to stay safe.

Mollie has been super busy this week week with her learning and wrote an amazing story about a spaceman and his spacedog.

Molly has written a fantastic ‘The Door’ poem using exciting and adventurous expanded noun phrases.

Wren has been busy enjoying the sun with her mum and has really loved learning about homophones. Check out her fantastic sentences!

Well done to our past two (oops!) Times Tables Rock Stars rocker superstar who have been working hard on their times tables.



And a huge congratulations to this weeks rock star…


Here is you weekend challenge: list 5 things that you are looking forward to.

Thankyou to Isla for her kitten names, she is now nearly 6 weeks old so I can share some pictures with you when she gets a little older!

Have a fab weekend Oak, Miss Wilson x

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