Faith’s Dragon Poem

Faith is this week’s blog author and has decided to write about a poem we studied and wrote in English.

In English we have been learning about a poem called Lost and Found by Lilian Moore. We read the poem in a book called Dragon Poems by John Foster and Korky Paul. We have wrote our own ones inspired by the poem. The best thing about writing your own is that you can put really exciting adjectives in it. Before we did the real thing we had to think of some exciting language and then we had to write a rough plan. When we had to write it up in neat we had special dragon paper to write it on.

Faith’s ‘Lost and Found’ poem:

A supreme, loving pet
Rather mammoth-sized with amber, orange eyes
May be famished and thirsty
Please feed him 12 rabbits an hour.
P.S. Reward.

A horrifying, fierce dragon who stinks out the WHOLE house with his bin like breath
He would EAT ME if I let him!
Please move him back to your house.
P.S No reward necessary.

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