Josh’s week in Oak

This week, our blogger is Josh.

We went to Buster Ancient farm and it was really fun. We got to make jewellery form copper which was a bracelet or a ring. After we got to make a wooden fence in partners of two with thin flexible wood. We also got to go into a round house that had a wooden box bed and a deer skin rug on the floor. It had a fire pit in the middle with a cooking pot above it. The house was made from wattle and daub and a straw roof. We also did an archaeological dig and found flint, cow jaws and animal bones. We did chalk carving with flint and dyed it with different types of leaves so it turned green but with my leaf it went a shaded green. We carved patterns in to it with flint and I made a cross pattern. I learnt that little boxes in the houses that we saw in a picture in class was actually their beds and they liked to sleep sitting up! We got to see what a stone age toilet looked like and they had to dig a hole for the toilet in the ground. I had a really good day and my favourite part was probably making the jewellery.

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