The week in Oak

This week, we have been extremely busy in Oak.We have had a fantastic trip to Butser Ancient Farm, transferred our cave painting design onto clay and even written a newspaper report about a dragon we found last week!

Keep reading to find out all about our amazing week...

Back in Time at Butser

Yesterday, Oak travelled back in time when they enjoyed a fantastic day out at Butser Ancient Farm. The day started with a visit to a replica Stone age building and we then had the chance to visit buildings from the Bronze and Iron ages. All of the buildings have been built using the materials and tools that would have been available to people thousands of years ago, including animal poo in the mud wall coverings! Oak class tried their hands at archaeology, chalk carving, wattle fence making and Bronze Age jewellery making.

Bonnie-May had such a fantastic day that she went home and wrote all about it:

“Yesterday we went to Butser Ancient Farm. We looked at a long house. On the walls there was animal poo, mud, clay and very bendy sticks in the middle with a straw top roof. Then we went to a house with wooden beds and for the cover, it has animal skin. There was meat hanging down from the roof and there was a little table and sofa. Last of all a metal pot on top of the fire. Then we did chalk carving and we used leaves and flint and it was very fun. We also did jewellery making with copper metal. You could make great big ones if you had enough metal.”

Faith also had her very own home learning Butser experience, creating art with outside resources, soap carving and even wattling with sticks and leaves.

Cave Art

We have been learning all about the wonderful cave paintings in Lascaux in art and have designed our own using different resources that were available to the Stone Age people. Today, we used tracing paper to trace our design, then we had to pat down the clay and transfer our final design using a sharp pencil to trace over it onto our own clay. They will be going into the kiln on Monday after they have dried, ready for us to paint next week.

Dragony English

Did you know that year 3 found a baby dragon! Well, we thought this was so incredible that we had to write an article about it. Louie has also written a blog about it for last weeks blog (posted today), so don’t forget to check that out. Have a look at the list below and have a look at how fantastic Oak’s work is!

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