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Welcome to The Good Plant Guide… where Oak have been learning all about… PLANTS!

We started our investigation four weeks ago into what a plant needs to grow. We had a control, one with no light, one with no air and one with no water. After four weeks, we found that the one with no water didn’t grow at all but the one with no air grew the most! We had a discussion about this and discovered that the glass cover the cress with no air acted as a green house, keeping all the warm air and moisture inside.

We then presented our Good Plant Guides in our groups; a programme about how to look after plants, using our experiment to inform us.

We’ve been learning all about the life cycle of plants, focussing on how new plants are made through pollination and fertalisation.

We got to learn about all the different parts of a flower and what each part does!

We have also been practicing our running skills this half term in PE and showed excellent resilience when we had to keep running and running, even though we were exhausted. We all showed reciprocity by working with our team and cheering everybody else on.

Similarly, we’ve been showing lots of resilience in our English by showing off all of our incredible knowledge that we’ve been learning so far. We wrote a fantastic story about a dragon which Emily has described in her blog of the week. Here is Faith’s story, using past tense, 1st person, adverbs and fronted adverbials, exciting language and speech.

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