An Amazing Week in Oak

This week we have started some fantastic new topics in our learning. We have started reading a new book, ‘Where the Poppies Now Grow’ by by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey, which is all about Ben and Ray who are best friends and go to war when they grow up.

We are exploring how they may have been feeling during different stages of their life whilst developing our vocabulary, making sure to use step-up words. We have also been using drama so that we can re-enact different scenes in the story, as well as understanding how the characters are felling.

In maths, we have started learning about fractions, focusing on understanding and finding tenths. We have also been starting to explore fraction walls and how we can use our tables facts to help us. For example, to find one eighth, we can half 1 whole (one half), half one half (one quarter) and then half one quarter (one eighth).

In RHE, we have started to learn about first aid and how to keep our self safe whilst being a first-aider. We know that the most important thing is to keep ourselves safe by making sure there is an adult around who we know and trust, what hazards to look out for and what to do if we don’t feel safe. Josh was able to remember how to put someone in the recovery position which he was taught at beavers and gave us all a demonstration.

Today, we competed in the year 3 inter-colour competition. We played several matches of football, practicing the skills that CM Sports have taught us last half term. Bianca kindly was our photographer.

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