Spellings w.c. 5.2.18

This week’s spellings include some statutory words plus personal spellings for your child. The spellings for each child will be individual so please see their home spelling sheet for your child’s specific spelling list this week.[gview file=”http://classja.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2018/02/Spellings-Statutory-words-Mrs-Parrott.doc”][gview file=”http://classja.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2018/02/Spellings-Statutory-words.doc”]

Change to homework for 7.2.18.

[gview file=”http://classsh.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2018/01/River-research-7.2.18.docx”]

Due to the children’s interest in rivers we have changed the homework task for next week. Rather than the reading comprehension listed on the grid, the children will be asked to research a river over the holidays. Please find details below.



Ash Class – homework apologies

To all of Ash class – I am sorry I forgot to hand out the holiday homework! I think I had my hands full with Easter eggs! Hopefully you have found the homework here on the blog.

Paper copies will be handed out when we return to school and it is now due on Friday 28th.


Mrs Armstrong


Your child will not be bringing home any spellings to learn at home this week. In spelling sessions in school we will focus upon identifying words in our own writing we misspell, developing our personal word logs and completing our end of term assessments.

Maths Homework Update!

I am very sorry if you have been having difficulty completing the EducationCity Maths homework this week. I did not press the ‘publish to students’ button properly and so you will not have been able to access it! Many apologies!

We will extend the date by a week, so this is now due on Monday 3rd April.


Mrs Armstrong