Beth’s Gas Mask

I brought in a real life gas mask from my very old granddad. I showed the class the gas mask and they thought it was very interesting. The gas mask is 70 years old and nearly falling apart. My granddad was 4 when the war started and his sister Joan was 1. My granddad remembers the tops of the post boxes were painted in this special paint that detected poison gas in the air, so every night people went out with a torch to see if the post  box had changed colour.

Written by Beth.

Year 4 Go Swimming

Swimming lessons for Year 4 started on Thursday.

The children had a great time and made the following comments:

Josh E – “Excellent!  The only bad thing was getting out of the pool at the end!”

Beth – “It was fun and good exercise.  It was different to other swimming lessons.”

Lucy – “I had a good time.  It was easy and it was fun.  I liked the playtime at the end.”

Patrick – “It was good.  I found out that I am a better swimmer than I thought.”