Year 4 Go Swimming

Swimming lessons for Year 4 started on Thursday.

The children had a great time and made the following comments:

Josh E – “Excellent!  The only bad thing was getting out of the pool at the end!”

Beth – “It was fun and good exercise.  It was different to other swimming lessons.”

Lucy – “I had a good time.  It was easy and it was fun.  I liked the playtime at the end.”

Patrick – “It was good.  I found out that I am a better swimmer than I thought.”




Christmas in BG

Although Christmas now seems a long time ago, we would like to share our memories of a couple of very busy weeks.

At the PTA Christmas Fayre, each class had to run a stall.  BG ran a “Human Fruit Machine.”










In Literacy, we wrote stories and made them into books:

Christmas Books - Literacy









Maisy came second in Mrs. Greens’ “Turkey Trot!”











In the last week of term, we had our Christmas Dinner, a theatre company came to school and our Christmas Party.

Finally, on the last day, the whole school went to St. Mary’s Church for our Carol Service.