Cookery Class in BG

On Friday the 1st of February, BG had a cookery class from Mrs Armstrong. They then had to write instructions of how to ice a biscuit themselves. They had a choice of lots of decorations to put on them. Once they had written instructions they got to test them out if they wanted to. Some people put lots of decorations on, others didn’t. They all got icing all over themselves, some people even got it in their hair! The biscuits were delicious.   

by Sam

Adding Water 











Iced Biscuit









BG’s Paper aeroplanes

BG were learning about instructions. So we made paper aeroplanes, it was difficult but some people found it a bit easy. When we had finished we got to decorate them, after that we used the top tips to make the planes better. What we did was we cut some of the edges off and tried to make it go faster. Once we had done that we started to fly them but we got a little practice though some of them didn’t go very far. Patrick on the other hand got a grand total of 9m & 22cm but Tom got exactly the same, therefore Felix got the total of, 11m & 51cm.       

 By George and Sam

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