The School We’d Like Competition – Update

We are delighted to report that Liss Junior’s entry has been selected to go through to the national final of the Guardian Teacher Network and Zurich Municipal The School We’d Like competition.

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Vincent’s Visit

Vincent came to visit our school. He is a teacher in a school in Uganda. We looked at pictures of his school and he told us about the lessons the children did at his school and how to say good morning in different Ugandan languages. We were not happy to hear that naughty children got the cane!! We learnt where each class had lessons and how many children there were in each class. It was amazing to find out that some classes have over 60 children in them one had nearly 100.

OW and BG then asked Vincent questions about his life and the things he enjoyed doing. He liked playing and watching football and he supported Chelsea.

 By Max King and Sam Trevena